A word from the Principal

Welcome and thank you for your interest in AQE Private School. We would like to invite you to browse around our website and get to know our school, and what we do a bit better. And if the need may be, we would love to meet you and show you around our facilities, and perhaps share a cup of coffee.

AQE Private College is an English High school (Grade 8 – 12). The school is registered at the Gauteng Department of Education, thus following the NCS (National Curriculum Statement).

AQE aspires to put the delivery of quality education of the highest standards to our learners at the forefront of its service delivery contract with our parents. Though education is a two fold undertaking, ie between the educator (teacher) and the learner (your child), let me assure you that we at AQE have committed ourselves to just that.

Being a rather small learning institution, where the teacher/ learner ratio is extremely favourable towards rendering education on a private basis, a privilege of small classes and a total buy-in/ commitment from our learners is also of utmost importance. In this endeavour, we as educators place a high premium and reliance on you, our parents too, to assist us in the mutual scholastic development of your child, as what happens after normal school hours in terms of continued learning (homework) , is just as important as what is about to occur the next day, as learning growth is not only restrictedto the time spent at AQE. Rest assured that we are committed to our task, and that we will walk the proverbial “extra mile” for our students, though we are highly dependent on you, our parents, to support and assist us as we proceed along the way of academic growth.

We can proudly mention that we have an average of 100% passing rate for 2015.

We pride ourselves in our healthy environment please have a look at our CODE OF CONDUCT: